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The Story Behind the Giant Sequoia Redwood

Natural skyscrapers are hard to come by. Most incredibly tall objects we see daily are manufactured inventions. However, nature's living giants (the giant sequoia and redwood) are powerful trees that have stood the test of time, and they have amazing stories to tell!


The beauty and history of the Redwood is why Woodsman Jewelry has selected it as a wood to be hand-crafted into our beautiful California redwood rings. These trees are derived from the Sequoioideae family. Three species of trees in this family survived the ice age, including the giant sequoia and redwood.

Redwoods originate from the Northern Hemisphere, as fossils were found as far back as the Jurassic period. The giant redwoods were often found fallen being beneficial for native Californians; they’re native to California and the Southern Oregon region.

Giant sequoias were discovered in the early 1800s by hunters during their expeditions. The giant trees were found by accident along the Sierra Nevada mountains, which we now know to be the North Grove. Most large trees were found as stumps or fallen over into pieces by natural causes.

The discovery of giant sequoias in 1852 in Calaveras Big Tree Park led to the creation of this monumental national area. When discovered, they were brittle after falling, which is a common occurrence for the giants. Although giant sequoias grow to a shorter height than Coastal Redwoods, the giant sequoias are thicker and typically live much longer.

Quick Facts

Though closely knit in the same family, giant sequoias and redwoods differ significantly. They are native to several parts of California and Oregon, but require different environments to survive. Here are a few quick facts about the giant sequoia and redwood trees:

  • The giant sequoia grows for a short, scattered distance along the 250-mile slope of Sierra Nevada
  • Redwood grows along a longer distance from California's the Pacific Ocean
  • Giant sequoias live up to 3,000 years, while redwoods live up to 2,000
  • Giant sequoias reach heights of 311 feet; while redwoods grow a massive 378 feet
  • Giant redwoods thrive in humid, moisture-rich soil and environments, while sequoias growth is supported by the dry heat of the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains
  • Giant redwoods' branches can stretch up to five feet, while sequoias can grow to 8 feet

Cultural Significance

Much like any other native trees to their countries, giant redwoods are no different in their limited supply and rarity. Knowing its historical longevity, redwoods can have cultural and meaningful significance for native Californians and nature lovers.

Trees can symbolize many things for people, no matter where they live. Trees are strong, hard, and often durable, lasting, and remaining well after our human lifespans. Redwoods, similarly to other strong trees, have the power to withstand floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters that would otherwise destroy them completely.

Indigenous people of the Northern Coast, including the Yurok tribe, occupied the lands of the Redwoods, using the felled, damaged trees as resources for their villages. The giant trees were exceptionally resourceful as they provided natives with a year-round supply of material to survive. Although you do not have to have been tied to the Yurok tribe to admire these beautiful trees, they symbolize the ability to last for generations while providing people with the necessary resources.

Preserving the trees became more important after their native range was designated a national park. Unfortunately, after hundreds of years of logging, we have lost many redwood trees in the ecosystem. We choose to only use wood from trees that are harvested in sustainable ways.

Resourcefulness and Beauty

Imagine walking into a forest of natural wooden skyscrapers. Pictures still don’t do them justice. The view is breathtaking–reddish-brown bark, slim yet tall enough to feel as if it's inviting you into its center of beauty. As the golden sun shines through the thick leaves, you can see a spiral of rays dancing through the cuts of each tree.

Redwood trees were invaluable when the Yurok tribe occupied the lands. The native people used the felled trees and thick, scattered bark for fishing tools, various furniture pieces, canoes, and clothing and baskets from the dense fibers. Redwood furniture pieces are still popular and accessible today, offering that unique, tanned red look. Jewelry pieces are also common and unique, as they can be designed and presented in a way that encapsulates the wood itself. For example, California Redwood rings may be worn as decorative jewelry or even as engagement rings. You can also search for redwood jewelry boxes to hold your California redwood rings or other favorite accessories.

Here at Woodsman Jewelry, we have a variety of color variations to personalize each of your California redwood rings. We offer the same colors in our men's and women's collections, including:

  • Gunmetal
  • Gunmetal Brushed
  • Rose Gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • Titanium

Redwood tree rings are popular amongst the locals who appreciate the sleek, natural style but may have ties to its cultural and historical significance. These beautiful variations cater to your gifting needs, whether the special person in your life prefers a rose gold to offset the burgundy wood or classic titanium. Each color variation blends perfectly with the reddish-brown color, making the shade pop much more.


Although the 19th and 20th centuries led to the destruction of many trees, including loggings and current forest fires, sequoia have remained proud, tall, and beautiful. Due to their large volume and height, sequoia and redwood trees store a mass amount of carbon. Their life cycles are wholly sustainable and have a reduction in carbon emission compared to other tree types.

Our Redwood Rings and Sequoia Rings are not only the sustainability-conscious choice but make for unique and one-of-a-kind accessories. Its cultural significance and variety of styles, in addition to the quality of our products and our impeccable services, provide you with the ultimate, guilt-free jewelry buying experience.

We are committed to doing our part in supporting environmental issues. Woodman Jewelry collaborates with 1% For The Planet: a fund that donates proceeds from businesses to support an environmentally conscious initialization. We are in support of our responsibility for a healthier planet.

Here at Woodsman Jewelry, we are committed to providing excellent customers to ensure that your pieces are what you want to update your accessories collection. You'll understand our business if you appreciate the aesthetic and message behind our brand. We provide the following:

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